Wire Rods

Field of Application
Automotive, construction and industrial machinery Shafts, gears, bolts, springs for engines.
High-strength to hang girders of suspension bridges.
Concrete pole&pile reinforcing high strength Wires, nails, Welding material

Production Standards & Steel Grades
DIN 59110 / EN 10016
ST 37-2 / ST 44-2 DIN 17100
SAE 1006-1030

Sizes Diameter
5.5 mm – 16 mm
0.2153″ – 0.630″

Coll Weight
1 – 3 tons

Information tags on coils.

In tightly fastened coils.

Tests Performed
Chemical analysis of raw material, Mechanical Tests (tensile test, bending)

Mill Certificates
Issued upon request according to EN 10204
2.2;3.1 (3.2 avaliable on special request)

International Certifications
Several country specific certifications are available upon request.